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"We have video of her YAWNING!!! YAWNING!! She's a little person! It was amazing. Anyway, it was well worth it. I could sit and watch the video all day long if I was allowed to. I am so amazed at how much she looks like me (so was everyone else). I can't believe I have an idea of what my baby will look like before she gets here! And as I have said before, seeing Hannah before she is born is truly amazing."

- Stephen and Rose M.
























Frequent Questions - Elective Prenatal 3D 4D HD Live Ultrasound

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The questions listed below are the most frequently asked questions about our Elective Prenatal Ultrasound packages. Should you have any questions that are not answered below, please call us at (480) 421-BABY (2229) or drop us an email at

What is an elective prenatal Ultrasound?
We offer elective 2D, 3D, 4D HD Live prenatal Ultrasounds to provide a positive bonding experience for the mother, father and family members with the unborn baby. We feel that realistic surface images provide a connection between the parents and baby that can be beneficial to the whole family. We make no claims that 3-D as used in this examination is performed to better assess the baby for abnormalities. A routine Ultrasound examination should have already been performed to assess the gestational age of the fetus and to evaluate for fetal anomalies as well as the basic components of fetal anatomy recommended for screening.

What is the difference between 3D ultrasound, 4D ultrasound, and HD Live?
3D is a still image while 4D adds the dimension of motion so it looks like a video. HD Live is the newest 4D technology available on the market. HD Lives takes your traditional 4D Ultrasound and uses a new rendering software and lighting software to allow us to have a much more realistic image of the baby.

What can I do to improve the images of my ultrasound?
is the best answer to how to improve your images. You should be drinking plenty of water beginning at least 2 days before your scheduled appointment.  (even more days is can help even more)   Water can improve the quality of an ultrasounda lot.

Does this take the place of an Ultrasound at my doctor's office?
ABSOLUTELY NOT! Women seeking an elective prenatal ultrasound with Miracle View must already be receiving treatment with a healthcare provider for prenatal care and have already undergone a medical, diagnostic ultrasound ordered by their provider to confirm their due date, screen for fetal anomalies, and to look for any other pregnancy related issues. The issues that we are evaluating in the elective prenatal Ultrasound session include a limited diagnostic scan to confirm heartbeat, the number of babies in the pregnancy, the position of the baby, and the placental location. Please note, at no time is this exam to be used in place of a complete diagnostic Ultrasound.

Is it safe? Are there any risks to me, or my baby?
Extensive studies over 30 years have found that Ultrasound has not been shown to cause any harm to mother or baby. Routine scanning of all pregnancies is now normal throughout the United States. In 3D/4D HD Live scanning exactly the same type and intensity of Ultrasound is used as with conventional 2D scanning. 3D and 4D HD Live Ultrasound both utilize sound waves to look inside the body. The technology is similar to radar. A probe placed on the body emits sound waves into the body, listens for the return echo and generates an image. 4D HD Live Ultrasound will be similar to a conventional scan in terms of exposure.

Do I need an appointment?
Yes, appointments are necessary for all of our services.

How long does the 4D HD Live Ultrasound take?
Depending on the package you choose, the 4D HD Live Ultrasound session will last between 15 and 30 minutes.   We always suggest setting aside at least 45 minutes to be on the safe side.

When is the best time to have a 3d/4d ultrasound?
That depends on what you are looking to see. Many mothers like coming in twice, early on, 16-26 weeks, when they can see the baby as a whole, and then again at 25-34 weeks to see a more detailed face. Between 28 and 32 weeks, your baby develops more fat and gets a more defined face. After 35 weeks, it becomes more and more difficult to obtain good pictures since the baby is running out of room. However all babies are different and we have been successful in obtaining great images all the way up to 39 weeks.

Will I always get a beautiful picture of my baby?
Usually, but not always. Sometimes if the baby is persistently looking face down, i.e. towards your spine it may be difficult to see the baby's face. If this happens, we will invite you back at NO additional cost. We make no promises that the images will be similar to those you might have seen elsewhere or even from our clinic, or that we can always meet everyone's expectations. Every baby scans differently, depending on its gestational age, position, amount of fluid, and mother's condition. We promise to make every effort to obtain the best possible images of whatever parts of the baby that can be seen.

Can I bring my family and friends?
Yes!  In fact, we encourage our clients to invite family and friends to attend the elective 4D HD Live Ultrasound session. This is a joyous and wonderful experience, one that can be shared with your family and loved ones. We can comfortably accommodate up to 8 people in our ultrasound viewing room.  (call if more)  Our seating is specifically arranged so that everyone in your party will have an excellent view of our large screen 4D HD Live images of the baby.

How accurate are you at determining the sex of the baby?
At 15 weeks we can determine the gender with a very high accuracy. If you are over 15 weeks and the gender can not be seen, we invite you back for a weekday return appointment and we will rescan you for NO additional cost within the next 14 days. The need for a return visit is usually due to the baby's position and is about a 1/10 chance.

Is the 4D HD Live Ultrasound covered by Insurance?
At this point, insurance does not cover the costs of our Ultrasounds. Since this is an elective procedure and is not intended to be a replacement for your doctor ordered Ultrasound, you will need to pay the cost of this Ultrasound as an out of pocket expense. We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, and debit cards.

What kind of Ultrasound equipment do you use to perform the 4D HD Live Ultrasounds?
We use the state of the art GE Voluson E8 with HD Live Technology to complete all Ultrasound examinations. The GE Voluson E8 with HD Live Technology has been seen in GE television commercials and many printed articles from around the world. This machine is the best 2D, 3D and 4D HD Ultrasound machine available. Please note, many organizations claim to use "state-of-the-art" equipment, when in fact they use older or inferior technology. Only the GE Voluson E8 with HD Live Technology generates 3D images with amazing clarity and gives you the same clarity with 4D HD Live imagery of your baby in motion.  Our sonogram equipment allows you to see your baby in live 4D HD motion video unlike any other ultrasound facility in Arizona!

How much does it cost?
We have packages to fit just about anyone's budget and often run seasonal specials.  Please refer to our Packages and Pricing page for pricing information.

What is your facility like?

We pride ourselves on being an inviting, relaxing, comfortable, and spacious environment for you and your family.

How can I be sure to get the best possible 3D/4D HD pictures?
Most doctors recommend maintaining a healthy fluid intake, especially while you are pregnant. This will help to ensure your amniotic fluid is clear as well as full. There are many things out of the sonographer's control like the baby's position, the mother's build, amount of amniotic fluid, etc. HIGHLY RECOMMEND really good hydration (water intake) at least 24 hours prior (or even 48 hrs) to the appointment all the way to the appointment time.   About a half hour before your 3D/4D HD ultrasound scan, try to have anything you may know of that gets the baby active to attempt to capture as many different pictures as possible.  Feel free to call us for suggestions!
How can I pay for the ultrasound?
We currently accept major credit/debit cards and cash.

When do I get my 3D/4D pictures and videos?
In about 5 minutes after your session has ended.

Will my doctor be contacted about the 3d/4d ultrasound?
We do not contact your doctor prior to the scan since this is an elective procedure. We do require however that you currently are under prenatal care and if you have any concerns, you should ask your doctor.   Ultrasound technicians that work for Miracle View Ultrasound are not to make a diagnosis.


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